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At MrGreenTrades LLC, we prioritize the safety of our team and the protection of your property. In the event of inclement weather, we have established the following policy:
1. Weather Monitoring: Our team closely monitors weather conditions to ensure the safety of our employees and equipment. If severe weather, including heavy rain, lightning, snow, or icy conditions, is forecasted or occurring during our scheduled service time, we may need to reschedule.
2. Service Rescheduling: If we determine that it is unsafe or impractical to perform lawn care services due to inclement weather, we will promptly notify you to reschedule. Your safety and the protection of your property are our top priorities.
3. Billing: For clients that are subscription based, weekly or bi-weekly, we will re-schedule your service on our makeup days Friday-Sunday during the service week. If the weather remains unsafe to service your property during the service week, the client will be charged there agreed upon subscription charge for that week. For clients that have scheduled a one-time service agreement, MrGreenTrades LLC will re-schedule your service when weather permits safe conditions.
4. Communication: We will maintain open communication with you regarding service changes and updates related to inclement weather. Our team will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs and preferences.
5. Priority on Safety: Our team will not compromise safety during adverse weather conditions. This policy is in place to prevent accidents, damage to equipment, and any potential harm to your property.
6. Flexible Scheduling: If you have concerns about potential service interruptions due to weather, please feel free to discuss alternate scheduling options with us. We will work with you to find solutions that best suit your needs.
7. Timely Resumption: Once weather conditions improve and it is safe to do so, we will promptly resume our services as scheduled.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our inclement weather policy. Safety is paramount, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service while prioritizing the well-being of our team and your property. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Thank you for choosing MrGreenTrades, and we look forward to serving you!